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Have a mortgage question and keep getting conflicting answers and or information?  I get Trulia alerts for my state and about 70% of the time, there are both loan officers and or realtors answering mortgage questions that have misleading or completely wrong answers. It's not to say that any of us are perfect and or know it all... but I can say one thing, if I am not 100% sure, I seek the answer through the proper channels. Those channels would be my underwriters or the guidelines/manuals for such programs and or mortgage questions. With the mortgage industry changing more than ever before, one really needs to stay on top of this information.



Who are we?

Mortgage Myth Busters is a select group of mortgage professionals driven to share pertinent, accurate and relevant information. This information is provided to help both consumers and anyone in the real estate and mortgage industry. We are experienced, licensed loan officers from various companies across the country with over one hundred years of combined mortgage experience. Our purpose is to educate and assist the consumer in navigating the often confusing process of obtaining financing. It is our goal to dispel the confusion, myths, and lies that surround the real estate and mortgage industry.



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If you have any types of mortgage questions, either as a realtor or as a consumer, you can ask us here. (click the box above)  ~ Ask a Mortgage Question ~



Special Announcement : We want to Welcome Eleanor Thorne to our group as of late last night. Eleanor is a loan officer in Cary, NC and comes with 20+ years of experience. She also has her D.E. license, which is the delegated underwriter license. We will have a press release later today and a new post on Eleanor by the weekend.



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