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FHA Loans vs Conventional Loans - Comparing 20 percent down - Eye opening - 10-11-10

FHA loans vs conventional loans


FHA loans have been the major talk in the news as of lately. One loan officer e-mailed me the other day, asking if FHA is going away. I asked, how did you come up with this?  Because three realtors had mentioned it to them. I have not heard a thing, but let's use common sense.  If FHA loans would go away, then the housing market would crash for good. Just my opinion.

Just the other day, a realtor made a comment stating that the buyer was better off putting their 20 percent down with a conventional mortgage and not with a FHA mortgage, so they could avoid the mortgage insurance. Okay, in theory, this sounds great, but there is a huge unknown that is not talked about. The borrower's credit score, which was a middle score of 623.  Yes, you could still do a conventional loan down to a 620, if it gets approved in the system. But let's look at the numbers and understand this better.




The example below is based on a $275,000 purchase price with 20% down. One reason why conventional rates are a little higher and more costly in this scenario as in FHA rates is because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have added penalties per se. If you are putting down less than 30% and your credit score is less than 720, certain fee penalties would apply to you, which would increase your rate and or points.  The credit score that I am going to use is 623 and I will still show in this example that FHA loans are cheaper (depending on your goals), even with 20% down while trying to avoid the mortgage insurance. 



***And keep in mind, some lenders have penalties on FHA mortgages with credit scores under 660 or can't do them. And many lenders can't do FHA loans under 640 now. And beware of those that promise you a mortgage with scores under 620. It can happen, but they aren't as easy as advertised. Please read - Credit scores/FICO scores - I need a 700 credit score? ***

FHA loans vs conventional loans with 20 percent down

Disclaimer :  These rates are examples of today's pricing, and the spread shown in the example is real with the same profit margin for both sides. The conventional rate also includes the penalty for the 623 credit score, hence why the interest rate is much higher.



One main fact is that you will be adding $2,200 onto your principal balance if you did the FHA mortgage because of the FHA one-time mortgage insurance premium.  If you do the math, the conventional loan isn't better until after 2.7 years. But keep in mind, the FHA loan becomes better after year 5. Why is this?  because the monthly mortgage insurance falls off after 5 years. 

So, simple math. In the first 5 years, you would have spent approximately $2,360 more on the FHA loan scenario.  But now you are saving $70 a month on the FHA loan and the principal balance is being reduced a tad quicker. So in theory, if you stayed in the house for 7 + years, the FHA loan would be better for you.

Another thought? You would need an extra $2,800 more for the conventional loan also, because of the steep penalty for the credit score.

Reminder : You will be subtracting a few more dollars per month from your principal because your interest rate is lower, which would offset the interest that you would write off on the 4.625% rate. Just something else to remember, but consult your tax consultant or CPA. 


FHA Myth - Some people, including loan officers, without doing the math, will say that FHA loans are more expensive because of the Upfront Mortgage Insurance. Because in this scenario, you are adding $2,200 to the FHA loan and because of the new monthly mortgage insurance change. This kind of mortgage myth needs to be squashed on all levels. It starts with the borrowers goals.


This person is also thinking about wanting to do extra work within the property, and the 203-k loan is very useful for this situation.


Important Key Point - Don't fall for the trap when a loan officer would say, just refinance down the road. That could be a huge risk. Nothing is guaranteed for the future.




Disclaimer : All of the information is based on my knowledge and of opinion. I will always say that each and every borrower is not the same. And if you are buying in a USDA area or a Veteran, a USDA loan or a VA loan could be better.



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